SpongeBob Infinity is a loose partnership between SpongeBobia and The SpongeBob Community forums.


In June 2012, The SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki (now ESB) and The SpongeBob Community joined together in a massive project to create the ultimate SpongeBob fansite. However, the project failed to launch on the intended release date, January 1, 2013. After the second release date in July 2013 failed, the project declined and both sites abandoned SpongeBob Universe.

In early 2014, there will still interest among adminstrators of both websites to form a collaboration. SBC went through a series of changes to restructure themselves and create a better future, while the SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki was renamed Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, and the SpongeBobia network was formed.


In July 2014, the idea of SpongeBob Infinity was brought to ESB administrators, and a plan was made to reestablish collaboration between the two websites. Unlike SpongeBob Universe, SpongeBob Infinity serves as a looser network, in which any project or release is discussed and perfected, preventing a premature release. This ensures that new features and ideas are implemented smoothly and effectively. The changes follow a series of Phases to bring the two communities together.


Phase I: Establishing AffiliationEdit

Phase I involved establishing affiliation between the two websites. At a SpongeBobia meeting in late July 2014, the affiliation was accepted.

Phase II: Establishing NameEdit

Phase II involved the name of the affiliation. ESB had become a part of its own network, SpongeBobia, while the adminstrators at SBC were establishing their network under the name "SpongeBob Infinity." At a SpongeBobia meeting, it was agreed upon that SpongeBobia becomes a part of SpongeBob Infinity, establishing the network name.

Phase III: Initial InteractionEdit

Phase III is the current phase and involves both sites sharing news and ideas to help bring the users of both communities together.