Date: May 18, 2014
Location: SpongeBobia Chat
Host: AMK152
Previous: May 11, 2014
Next: May 25, 2014
Table of meetings

The following is a summary of information surrounding a meeting that occurred on May 18, 2014.



  • 1. Aftermath of 120d situation
  • 2. Status at SpongeBob Fanon wiki
  • 3. SpongeBobia (network)
  • 4. Twitter/Facebook status
  • 5. Main Page redesign (includes article/user of the month)
  • 6. Username redirect proposal
  • 7. Project Cleanup: Characters
  • 8. Character project/screenshot project
  • 9. Grammar guide
  • 10. Wikia Spotlight


  • 1. Monitor aftermath of 120d situation and stop any arguments from getting out of hand.
  • 2. JCM's proposal at the Fanon wiki to demote 5 bureaucrats passed, pending Wikia Staff's response.
  • 3. AW10's concepts for the Fanon wiki logo and background contest to be implemented when they are ready.
  • 4. SpongeBobia as a network is more likely to evolve
  • 5. Develop for the main part of SpongeBobia
  • 6. Master chat room page on each wiki in the future
  • 7. AW10 is going to begin working on a new design of the main page
  • 8. Article and user of the month proposal to be created after new main page design
  • 9. AMK152 will set up a proposal to the main page redesign
  • 10. Admins and bureaucrats have assigned colors
  • 11. AW10 has correct FTP info for seconds galleries
  • 12. AW10 and JosephHawk agree with draft of Character articles proposal
  • 13. Continue to stabilize community for Wikia spotlight
  • 14. AMK152 will make a proposal to get approval for Wikia spotlight request
  • 15. ESB Cloudsdale chat okay for now; we will not promote it, but if there are problems, it will be addresses
  • 16. After Muchacha's admin request, there will be a proposal to limit counting votes at admin requests to admins only.