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<AMK152>: Hello
<AW10>: hey
<AW10>: can you check the pm
<AMK152>: Hello
<AquaticNuggets>: Hey AMK, AW
<AquaticNuggets>: Hey Dylan
<AquaticNuggets>: Alright, it's 8, we can begin the meeting.
<AquaticNuggets>: So, first things first. SpongeBob Universe can't realize it's full potential if the Wiki doesn't move to MediaWiki. It's necessary. 
<AMK152>: We do use MediaWiki, just on Wikia
<AquaticNuggets>: How does that work, exactly? 
<AMK152>: MediaWiki is the wiki software
<AMK152>: the problem is, Wikia controls the skin, ads, etc.
<AquaticNuggets>: Yeah, that is a problem. If you were to transfer all the articles over to a new Wiki powered by MediaWiki, would that benefit you as well?
<AMK152>: I am in the process of building a new wiki
<AquaticNuggets>: On MediaWiki?
<AMK152>: Yes, with MediaWiki software
<AMK152>: AW10 and I were discussing the layout, and we have been researching designs
<AW10>: where are you building it
<AMK152>: It's on my computer right now
<AquaticNuggets>: Oh, awesome. Have you already started moving? @AMK
<AMK152>: Not yet, I want to make sure everything will go smoothly
<AMK152>: So basically get all the background stuff set up
<AquaticNuggets>: Ah.
<AquaticNuggets>: Design, and stuff, right?
<AMK152>: Functionality
<AMK152>: And I want to make sure we can maintain all our histories
<AW10>: can we do that?
<AMK152>: Yes
<AMK152>: Of course timing will be key as to when I extract the entire database
<AquaticNuggets>: How long do you predict it'll take you to move?
<AMK152>: 2 months
<AquaticNuggets>: Oooh. 
<AW10>: whole summer
<AquaticNuggets>: We were planning to launch SBU on July 20th.
<AMK152>: transition needs to be smooth, and the wiki community needs to be ready
<AMK152>: I can try to get it done sooner
<AquaticNuggets>: By July 20th?
<AMK152>: Yeah
<AquaticNuggets>: Is that even possible? 
<AMK152>: It's possible, I just don't want a sloppy transition
<AW10>: Andrew, how are you extracting a database. You have acess to it?
<AMK152>: database dump
<tvguy347>: That's good that Andrew can extract it, one less thing MDPP will have to do.
<AMK152>: I can get the entire database as long as Wikia updates the file beforehand
<tvguy347>: SBC is holding a big launch party before SBU's launch.
<tvguy347>: It's where we're redirecting all of our pages so that we can do some last-minute things.
<tvguy347>: That's probably the best time to extract the database. 
<tvguy347>: The day OF the transition.
<AquaticNuggets>: Yeah, that ^
<AMK152>: the SB Wiki has to be "frozen" prior to the database dump
<AquaticNuggets>: That works.
<AMK152>: and then the database will be put on the new wiki
<AquaticNuggets>: We were planning on shutting down SBC the night of the launch, so it fits.
<tvguy347>: We also need to redirect every single page on the Wiki.
<tvguy347>: So that it redirects to the new Wiki.
<AMK152>: We will
<tvguy347>: MDPP said he can even do it so that it will take you to the page you were viewing on the new Wiki.
<AquaticNuggets>: What are you gonna need to be able to move and redirect everything before July 20th, AMK?
<AMK152>: the new wiki, the extracted database, a message to users to notify them that their Wikia account will not work on the new wiki
<AMK152>: they need to know they are being redirected
<AquaticNuggets>: Alright. Do you need help extracting the database?
<AMK152>: No, that is a one person thing
<AquaticNuggets>: Or can you do it yourself?
<AquaticNuggets>: Okay.
<AquaticNuggets>: So, here's what we can do.
<AquaticNuggets>: On July 14th, announce that the wiki is moving and will be having downtime on Thursday-Friday.
<AMK152>: Ok
<AquaticNuggets>: Then, during that downtime (Thurs-Fri), you can move the database to the new wiki.
<AquaticNuggets>: And redirect it.
<AMK152>: Yep
<AquaticNuggets>: And then, that Saturday, reopen the wiki (which will redirect people to the new wiki). It'll launch with all of SBU on July 20th, that Saturday.
<AquaticNuggets>: Does that work? Can you do that?
<AMK152>: Yes
<AquaticNuggets>: Awesome
<AquaticNuggets>: Now, for design.
<AquaticNuggets>: Do you guys have a design yet, for the new wiki?
<tvguy347>: Antonio, myself, and Dylan were discussing one.
<AquaticNuggets>: I think the new design should be similar to the rest of SBU.
<tvguy347>: I don't get the point in trying to streamline it, tbh.
<tvguy347>: I think it'd look nice if each part of SBU had its own unique design.
<AquaticNuggets>: Like, adapting the original design for SpongeBase while keeping all the features of wikia.
<AMK152>: not the awful "Spongebase" design
<AquaticNuggets>: but SpongeBase was beautiful D:
<AquaticNuggets>: it just lacked basic functionallity.
<tvguy347>: Let me show you all a quick color scheme that I was thinking we could use.
<AMK152>: ok
<AquaticNuggets>: kk
<AW10>: btw. here is what I had in mind:
<AquaticNuggets>: that's interesting, I like it
<AMK152>: I'm not too sure about the folder system as a size nav
<AMK152>: *side
<AMK152>: But I agree that we don't have to be streamlined
<AquaticNuggets>: We don't have to be, no
<AquaticNuggets>: I just like SBU's overall design 
<AMK152>: It's pretty awesome
<AMK152>: AW10 and I believe the wiki's design should have a modern feel to it
<tvguy347>: There's the color scheme I had in mind for the Wiki.
<AW10>: those are not spongebob colors
<AquaticNuggets>: I think that a combination of this design: and more traditional wiki design like this: could be very neat. 
<AMK152>: I like the colors AW10 has been using for the tabs and infoboxes and stuff
<tvguy347>: lol um how are they not SpongeBob colors? xD
<tvguy347>: It's beach themed. 
<tvguy347>: I don't think we should be restricted to a purely yellow/blue palette. 
<AW10>: ok, but maybe some more freshy looking colors
<AW10>: colorful*
<tvguy347>: Those are fresh looking colors... :S 
<tvguy347>: They're clean.
<tvguy347>: And they put an entirely new spin on the Wiki without being radically different.
<AquaticNuggets>: I see what he means, sort of.
<AquaticNuggets>: It's kinda bland.
<AW10>: yes
<AquaticNuggets>: plus it's SBM colors 
<tvguy347>: SBM doesn't own orange and blue, last I checked. 
<AquaticNuggets>: I know that xD
<AquaticNuggets>: But I never liked the pallet when they used it.
<AquaticNuggets>: you can still go for a beach theme, brighter colors would just be better for it
<AquaticNuggets>: imo
<tvguy347>: I just think that the Wiki should be kept simple, and that color palette is simple.
<AquaticNuggets>: like i said, a fusion of these colors and design:, with this design:  could be neat
<tvguy347>: i thought Andrew didn't like that
<tvguy347>: oh wait I see what you mean.
<AquaticNuggets>: How do you feel about it?
<AquaticNuggets>: @everyone
<AMK152>: it needs to be simple, functional, and easy-to-use
<AW10>: i think it would be nice
<AquaticNuggets>: it would be as functional as a normal wiki and look just like one, with SpongeBase's aesthetics.
<AquaticNuggets>: Dylan do you think you could make a mockup? :3
<tvguy347>: um. 
<tvguy347>: i guess. 
<tvguy347>: i don't particularly like it.
<tvguy347>: If we're gonna keep that ugly sidebar, I see no point in making any changes at all. 
<AquaticNuggets>: ugly sidebar?
<AW10>: how aobut this scheme
<AquaticNuggets>: i like that one
<AquaticNuggets>: Maybe add some orange in there
<tvguy347>: I still prefer mine tbh
<AMK152>: that's better
<tvguy347>: that's too bright.
<AquaticNuggets>: Maybe a darker bright orange and a dark blue?
<tvguy347>: I feel like mine worked because it was like a scale. 
<tvguy347>: There was the darkest blue (dominant), a lesser orange (neutral), and a light sky blue (light)
<tvguy347>: That one is three equally dominant colors clashing. 
<AW10>: perhaps we can create a theme based on all of our suggestion
<AquaticNuggets>: ?
<tvguy347>: that makes me think of cotton candy 
<AquaticNuggets>: i love cotton candy~
<AW10>: i like this one
<AquaticNuggets>: I do too
<AW10>: you are the one who propose it
<tvguy347>: lol Antonio
<tvguy347>: didn't you say you didn't like mine because they weren't SpongeBob colors?
<tvguy347>: isn't that palette even LESS SpongeBob-y?
<tvguy347>: That purple and that orange don't go together at all.  
<AquaticNuggets>: I thought the oranges and light blues were summer-y/Spongebobby
<tvguy347>: I don't get where the purple came from at all lol
<AW10>: where do you see purple
<AquaticNuggets>: it was meant to be a darker but kind of bright blue
<tvguy347>: that's purple dude 
<AW10>: it is #3f48cc
<tvguy347>: Yeah, that looks like a twilight purple to me. 
<tvguy347>: like the purple in the sky just before the sun totally sets.
<tvguy347>: it's not blue. 
<AW10>: amount of blue is 204
<tvguy347>: Amount of purple is 1,000
<AquaticNuggets>: you know what it was meant to be xD
<AquaticNuggets>: I wanted it to be a blue darker than the sky blue
<AquaticNuggets>: but still moderatwly bright.
<AquaticNuggets>: *moderately
<AquaticNuggets>: I like the colors, tbh
<AW10>: @AN sth like this?
<AquaticNuggets>: a bit darker
<AquaticNuggets>: is this better, Dylan?  
<tvguy347>: anyone have the SB Wiki logo file i can use?
<tvguy347>: lol that's even worse tbh xD
<AquaticNuggets>: D:
<AquaticNuggets>: this?
<tvguy347>: thanks antonio~
<AW10>: it's good and sure isn't purple
<AquaticNuggets>: how do you like it dylan
<AquaticNuggets>: is it beautiful
<AquaticNuggets>: DO YOU LOVE IT
<AquaticNuggets>: dylan where are you
<tvguy347>: making a mockup
<AquaticNuggets>: of the wiki?
<tvguy347>: no, of your ass. 
<AquaticNuggets>: Awesome 
<AquaticNuggets>: lol
<tvguy347>: nuggets i cant stop listening to this song
<AquaticNuggets>: artpop?
<AquaticNuggets>: it is pretty nice~\
<tvguy347>: yeah 
<tvguy347>: i dont think it'
<tvguy347>: *it's even real lol
<tvguy347>: but i still like it
<AquaticNuggets>: it's nice anyway then xD
<AquaticNuggets>: how ya doin on that mockup Dylan
<AW10>: what song are you talking about
<AquaticNuggets>: artpop
<AquaticNuggets>: brb
<AW10>: Is it done yet
<AW10>: ?
<tvguy347>: still working on it~
<MDPPatrick>: Hey
<AW10>: hello
<tvguy347>: nuggets was just here.
<tvguy347>: where did he g
<tvguy347>: *go
<AW10>: he said brb
<MDPPatrick>: Sorry that I'm late. I couldn't help it with the weather. Blahhhh 
<tvguy347>: yeah but he's still online on skype
<AW10>: we were discussing about wiki's transition, AMK152 said he will be able to finish backing up database until july 20
<AW10>: now we are discussing design
<AW10>: and dylan is making mockup now
<MDPPatrick>: Oh. Were the transition problems discussed? 
<AW10>: yes
<MDPPatrick>: Like how I would need a team of people to download images? 
<MDPPatrick>: lol I feel like I'm in Homestuck because I have to use a battery backup to charge my phone in a bad storm xD 
<AquaticNuggets>: back
<MDPPatrick>: I think we have a tornado warning... XDDD
<tvguy347>: wb
<tvguy347>: and holy shit, really? ;o
<tvguy347>: OH STEVEN
<tvguy347>: OH MY GOD
<MDPPatrick>: What? 
<tvguy347>: IT'S ARTPOP.
<tvguy347>: LISTEN.
<MDPPatrick>: I can't watch it :'(
<tvguy347>: PDDF923JMA,'DASMDSPJ-912HNADK
<tvguy347>: D:
<MDPPatrick>: Link it to me later! 
<tvguy347>: my heart can beat with bricks and stricks
<tvguy347>: aight :33
<tvguy347>: a hybrid can withstand these things~
<tvguy347>: my arttttttpop
<tvguy347>: could mean anytthing
<tvguy347>: anything~
<tvguy347>: WE COULD
<tvguy347>: WE COUULLDDD
<tvguy347>: ARTPOP
<AW10>: here is what we have discussed:
<MDPPatrick>: okay
<AquaticNuggets>: did dylan finish the mockup
<AW10>: I accidently closed the chat
<AW10>: mdpp, have you received the link
<MDPPatrick>: Yes. 
<tvguy347>: about to share it nuggets
<MDPPatrick>: It appears that images weren't discussed 
<AquaticNuggets>: oh, swaggy
<tvguy347>: Okay, just a rough mockup: 
<MDPPatrick>: I will definitely need a team of people to download images from Wikia 
<tvguy347>: I tried combing all three designs. 
<tvguy347>: AMK said it's a one person job @MDPP
<tvguy347>: he apparently knows a way lol
<MDPPatrick>: Oh really?
<tvguy347>: that mockup isn't finished btw, I got lazy. but you get the gist 
<MDPPatrick>: There will definitely need to be the standard user menu in MediaWiki or people will throw a bitch fit
<AquaticNuggets>: like, the sidebar?
<MDPPatrick>: But we can design it to fit the mockup 
<AW10>: why is the image in sepaerate collumn
<MDPPatrick>: Not necessarily. As long as it exists in a similar format, such as a drop-down 
<AquaticNuggets>: Ah
<tvguy347>: it's unfinished @AW
<tvguy347>: i got lazy 
<tvguy347>: and didn't finish what was supposed to be under it.
<MDPPatrick>: I know m
<tvguy347>: We could always go with my original mockup lol
<MDPPatrick>: Oops
<tvguy347>: we could do that original mockup with this color scheme. 
<MDPPatrick>: I suppose xD
<tvguy347>: I mean, we have all that code left over.
<tvguy347>: from SpongeBase.
<MDPPatrick>: brb gotta look up the weather map. 
<AquaticNuggets>: my internet went out again
<AquaticNuggets>: what'd you guys say?
<AW10>: dylan said. "We could always go with my original mockup lol"
<AW10>: I mean, we have all that code left over. tvguy347	from SpongeBase.
<AquaticNuggets>: what was his original mockup?
<AquaticNuggets>: the one of SpongeBase?
<AW10>: i don't know
<MDPPatrick>: back
<AquaticNuggets>: waba
<MDPPatrick>: It is SpongeBase 
<MDPPatrick>: But we do still have the coding for that.
<AquaticNuggets>: like I said
<AquaticNuggets>: We can do SpongeBase, but it needs to resemble a regular wiki more than SpongeBase did.
<MDPPatrick>: Lol  color 
<MDPPatrick>: Yeah, I agree. 
<AW10>: amk and I agrees that it should be more wiki like
<tvguy347>: I agree too ;D 
<MDPPatrick>: Yay unanimous vote 
<AquaticNuggets>: : D
<AquaticNuggets>: Dylan, can you make a Spongebase like mockup that looks like a regular wiki?
<tvguy347>: define "regular wiki" lol
<MDPPatrick>: Wikipedia 
<tvguy347>: like. what would be spongebase, and what would be regular wiki?
<AquaticNuggets>: like Wikipedia
<AquaticNuggets>: and Spongebase is spongebase lol
<tvguy347>: what. 
<tvguy347>: no i mean
<tvguy347>: how do i do a hybrid of both
<tvguy347>: which parts would be spongebase, and which would be wikipedia-esque xD
<MDPPatrick>: Make Wikipedia with a SpongeBase color scheme and buttons 
<AquaticNuggets>: pretty much that.
<AquaticNuggets>: A sidebar and all the little features and stuff
<MDPPatrick>: Like replace the sidebar with SpongeBase buttons 
<tvguy347>: tbh
<tvguy347>: I don't see what that will do.
<tvguy347>: It's still gonna be different from Wikia.
<tvguy347>: Which is what Wiki people are used to, not MediaWiki.
<AquaticNuggets>: it'll look more like a conventional wiki
<AquaticNuggets>: which SpongeBase did not
<AquaticNuggets>: it just looked like another part of SBU
<AW10>: spongebase didn't even look like a wiki, tnh
<AquaticNuggets>: The wiki needs to look like a wiki.
<AquaticNuggets>: Agreed
<AW10>: will the meeting be over soon?
<MDPPatrick>: lol
<AquaticNuggets>: We already have a plan for moving. Dylan just needs to make this mockup, and we'll be done.
<AW10>: ok
<AW10>: where are you all came from
<AquaticNuggets>: okay, since things are kind of dead
<AquaticNuggets>: MDPP, will you actually make the wiki when Dylan completes the mockup?
<MDPPatrick>: Oh sorry. I suppose so 
<AquaticNuggets>: okay.
<AquaticNuggets>: AMK, I will email you the mockup when Dylan's done
<AquaticNuggets>: if you like it, MDPP will start building it
<AquaticNuggets>: And then, you can go through with the release plan.
<AquaticNuggets>: Sound good?
<MDPPatrick>: Er... So when is release? 
<AquaticNuggets>: July 20th.
<MDPPatrick>: Oh that will be fun... lol!
<AquaticNuggets>: so, yeah
<AquaticNuggets>: meeting over